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Mediation & Dispute Resolution
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Divorce Without A Fight

Litigation is not always the answer. In fact, many individuals seek to resolve their issues more amicably outside of court in order to save time, money and aggravation. This is particularly the case in matters involving children where it will be important for parents to maintain a positive relationship for the sake of their parenting duties.

Dispute Resolution Lawyer

At the law firm of Judith Trentman Wilson, Attorney at Law, P.C. in Belleville, Illinois, I offer my clients alternative dispute resolution in the form of mediation. I strive to help my clients reach an amicable agreement that is in their best interest and the best interest of their children. To discuss your situation with me in a free consultation, contact me.

Seek a peaceful outcome to your family law issue. Contact me to learn more about your options.

A Certified Family Law Mediator

I am a certified family law mediator, which means I can be appointed by the court to mediate divorce, custody and other family law issues. Choosing to mediate a family law dispute often results in a more efficient outcome with fewer hard feelings among the parties. After a mediated agreement is reached, a lawyer can draft the necessary paperwork and process the case.

In addition to family law, I am also available to mediate other issues, including contested guardianships.

You Can Have an Amicable Divorce

I can help you reach a positive outcome for you and your children. To consult with an experienced Belleville divorce mediation lawyer about your options and rights, please contact me for a free consultation.