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Grandparent Visitation
Attorney in Belleville, Illinois

An Effective Law Firm for Grandparent Visitation Cases

A rift between a parent and a grandparent can become a big obstacle in a grandparent-grandchild relationship. Sadly, personal disagreements between adults can lead to a child never knowing his or her grandparents. It’s a shame that such situations have come to this.

But grandparents have certain legal rights regarding child visitation. If you find yourself in such a predicament, you need an experienced and understanding family law attorney. Judith Trentman Wilson, Attorney at Law, P.C. of Belleville, Illinois, will assist you. My firm is an effective law office that will protect your legal rights. My firm remains committed to our clients.

As a grandparent in Illinois, you have rights when it comes to visitation of your grandchildren. Let me help you protect them.

Grandparents Can Seek a Court Order

Nonparents including grandparents can obtain a court order for child visitation rights. The court may grant visitation if it’s considered in the best interest of the child and that the grandparent was unreasonably denied visitation.

Some grandparents may view a court order as their only chance to spend time with their grandchildren. In order for a grandparent to gain visitation rights in Illinois, just one of these criteria must be met:

  • The child’s parent is deceased or missing for 90 days. A police report on the missing person must be on file.

  • The child’s parent is not competent.

  • The child’s parent has been in prison or jail for 90 days.

  • The child’s parents are divorced or separated, and one of the parents does not object to visitation with the grandparents.

  • The parents are not living together, and the child’s parentage has been established.

You love your grandchildren and want to see them. Things within your family did not turn out the way you had expected, but I will do my best to make sure that you have visitation rights.

A Guiding Hand for Grandparent Visitation

Grandchildren are an important part of your life. When circumstances hinder your ability to see them on a regular basis, I can assist. Judith Trentman Wilson, Attorney at Law, P.C. of Belleville, Illinois, is an understanding and compassionate firm. For a free initial consultation, contact me.