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Adoption Attorney in Belleville, Illinois

Knowledgeable Guidance on The Adoption Process

One of life’s most rewarding experiences is becoming a parent. And this includes becoming a parent of an adopted child. There are many necessary legal steps that you must take in order to adopt a child, and I know that you will have questions along the way.

My team at Judith Trentman Wilson, Attorney at Law, P.C. of Belleville, Illinois, will provide you with the legal guidance you need in family law. My team is attentive and will listen to your concerns about the adoption process. My team has worked with many clients, including people who wish to adopt children from abroad, stepparents and same-sex couples who seek to adopt children, and grandparents who see that the best option for family stability is adopting their grandchildren.

When you need a compassionate legal partner to walk you through the adoption process, reach out to me.

Addressing Many Issues in Adoption Law

Each client I represent is unique, and I understand that it takes patience and a strong heart to complete the adoption process. I am empathetic to your situation and my staff has personal experience dealing with adoption issues. My guidance will help you determine the best adoption route to take. I can help you address issues such as:

  • Understanding the adoption process and what to expect

  • The rights of same-sex couples as well as exploring adoption alternatives for same-sex couples

  • Pre-adoption of an international adoption

  • Whether an adult adoption is right for you

You will need a steady legal hand in completing the adoption process. As a knowledgeable and understanding lawyer, I can do that for you.

An Empathetic Attorney Concerning Adoption Law

It’s a big decision to adopt a child. But, ultimately, the experience of becoming a parent is a fulfilling one. My experienced family law firm can guide you through the adoption process and answer your questions to the best of our abilities. Judith Trentman Wilson, Attorney at Law, P.C. of Belleville, Illinois, is a seasoned, knowledgeable and empathetic firm. For a free consultation, call my firm.