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When Can I Change My Child Custody Order?

Judith Trentman Wilson, Attorney at Law, P.C. April 2, 2020

The child custody order of divorced Illinois parents reflects current circumstances. This means that as circumstances change, the custody order may need to change along with it.

Today we will look at different valid reasons for modifying a child custody order. After all, the courts do not indulge every request for a modification. They only decide after careful examination of your reason for requesting a change.

The Absence of A Parent

VeryWell Family looks at reasons to modify a child custody order. Many have to do with the co-parent’s lack of involvement. This can stem from several different reasons. For example, let us say a parent passes away. They can no longer fulfill the custody arrangement. You can ask for the court to change it. The same happens if a parent ends up incarcerated. They cannot continue with a custody arrangement while in jail.

Sometimes, a parent is unable to maintain involvement for other reasons. This is an issue many military parents face. Some may face deployment to other countries. Needless to say, this makes visitation impossible. Courts may change custody arrangements depending on the deployment in question.

The Endangerment of A Child

In other cases, a court may grant modifications because it benefits the child. Let us say your co-parent’s household has a domestic abuser in it. Does your child feel safe? Have they asked not to return to the co-parent’s house? Courts will often honor a request for modification if the child is in immediate danger. This is especially true if they express desire to leave.

These are only a few reasons. If you want to know if your reason is valid, consider speaking to a professional for a more in-depth opinion.