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Importance of Putting a Guardian for Children Into a Will

Judith Trentman Wilson, Attorney at Law, P.C. Sept. 11, 2020

There are many aspects of life in Illinois that are unexpected, but are still certainly possibilities. It is important to plan for these potential events. Many of them can be planned for through purchasing various forms of insurance. However, insurance cannot provide for every event. One of these events is people’s death. People can purchase life insurance, but life insurance does not dictate who will receive people’s property after they pass away. It also cannot state who will care for people’s children if they pass away while they are minors.

That is why it is important to have a will even if people are younger and death may seem far off. There are many things that are out of people’s control and it is important people’s children are cared for properly if people pass away unexpectedly. In people’s wills they can name guardians for their children who will provide this care. Obviously, this is something people hope to never have to use, but it still important to make a wise choice.

Aspects to Consider when Choosing a Guardian

There are many aspects that people should consider to ensure that they choose people who will be able to provide the proper care for children. People should consider others with similar values as themselves so their children will continue to be raised in a similar way. It also important to know that they have the financial stability so caring for the children does not create an unmanageable burden. Another aspect to consider is the age and health of the guardians. People should also speak with the potential guardians to ensure they are willing to accept the responsibility as it is a big and important responsibility.

Parents in Illinois have a lot of responsibilities as they raise their children and spend much of their time and energy ensuring their children are raised correctly. However, parents should also plan for the possibility that they will not be around to finish raising them. Unfortunately, some people pass away far too young and it is important to name guardians so their children will be cared for if they do pass away. This can be done through a properly drafted will and consulting with experienced attorneys could be beneficial.