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Estate Planning After a Loved One Passes Away

Judith Trentman Wilson, Attorney at Law, P.C. July 15, 2019

For many people, the loss of life is an extremely sensitive and difficult topic to approach. After all, this is something that many people do not want to think about, and those who have to deal with losing someone they love may never recover from the emotional trauma. Moreover, there are all sorts of financial issues to consider when it comes to the loss of life, not only with regard to one’s own finances but how their loved ones will be affected by their death as well. For example, if one of your loved ones recently passed away, you may have numerous issues to examine with respect to estate planning.

For starters, you may need to make revisions to your estate plan if your loved one passed on. For example, you may need to find someone else to place in charge of your estate and you may have to make changes to the way in which your assets are distributed among your heirs. In fact, a loved one passing away may prompt you to take action with respect to estate planning even if you do not have a plan in place. Many people realize how fragile life can be when they lose a loved one, and this can inspire them to take care of their estate.

These are just some estate plan issues to consider when it comes to losing someone you love and your estate. On our website, we examine many other topics regarding this area of law, feel free to have a look if you are seeking more information.