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Daily Stressors and Marital Pressure

Judith Trentman Wilson, Attorney at Law, P.C. Oct. 7, 2019

There is a myriad of reasons why married couples experience strain in their relationship. Sometimes, a partner’s addiction to shopping, gambling or intoxicating substances can make a marriage very tough. However, even relatively minor difficulties that couples experience in their marriage can strain their relationship. For example, someone may have to deal with certain challenges at their place of employment, and they may bring this stress home with them. Or, someone may be facing challenges related to childcare and raising teenagers, which can also place a great deal of strain on a marriage.

Couples who are going through these difficulties should try to work together. Sometimes, this can be nearly impossible, especially if both parties have demanding jobs and busy schedules. There may be little time for communication and virtually no time for counseling. Over the years, this can cause a marriage to crumble, and it can also increase the chances of other serious issues which can place a considerable amount of strain on a marriage (such as one partner having an affair).

If you and your spouse are facing these problems, you may want to do what you can to save the marriage. Therapy could help, and you may even benefit from making adjustments to your daily routine (if possible). With that being said, some marriages have had too much strain for too many years, and divorce may be unavoidable at a certain point. If you have found yourself in this position, you should try to ensure that you approach the process of getting a divorce carefully. We cover many other topics related to this on our blog.