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I care deeply about the outcome for you and your family.

At My Firm,

Your Legal Issue Is Not Just Another Case

I care deeply about the outcome for you and your family
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What are the benefits of mediation?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2021 | divorce

There are some distinct advantages of mediation that divorcing couples should be familiar with. Mediation can be valuable to resolve disputes in many different settings and this can be especially true in divorce mediation situations. The following are some benefits of mediation for divorcing couples.

Private and confidential

Mediation provides a safe environment to explore different options for resolving disputes. It is not public like divorce court proceedings and does not create a public record. What is discussed during the mediation process is considered confidential. The spouses meet in a private and neutral setting with an impartial third party to discuss a resolution to their conflict and negotiate their disputes in a manner that can address the needs and interests of both spouses.

Mediation is timely

Mediation can be more expeditious because it can be scheduled in a number of days rather than waiting weeks or months for divorce court proceedings to be scheduled.

Mediation is facilitated by a neutral third party

The role of mediator is to serve as an unbiased facilitator to help the spouses reach a workable solution. The mediator helps provide structure, focus and assistance with communication between the parties to help them arrive at a shared solution.

Mediation has a high rate of compliance

Because mediation allows the spouses to have a higher degree of control over their divorce process and outcomes, mediation also has a high degree of compliance. Parties to mediation in general tend to abide by a mediated agreement more than one that is imposed on them by an outside third party and spouses are more likely to follow through with a mediated agreement.

Mediation preserves ongoing relationships

It is likely that divorcing spouses will have to continue to work together. During the mediation process, some of the interests of each of the spouses can be met as the work together to reach an overall agreement that addresses the needs of both spouses. Because mediation does not create a win-lose situation, it can help preserve relationships so the spouses can continue to work together down the road.

Divorce mediation can be beneficial to divorcing couples for a variety of reasons. They should be familiar with what those reasons are so they can decide if mediation is the best path for them to work out their divorce-related concerns.