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At My Firm,

Your Legal Issue Is Not Just Another Case

I care deeply about the outcome for you and your family
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Judge in Jolie-Pitt divorce declines to hear child testimony

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2021 | divorce

As any divorcing parent can attest, the process of ending a marriage can be further complicated when addressing the needs of the children on top of the divorce issues that are often multitudinous. When seeking to meet the best interests of the children, each parent, as well as the judge, may see the situation differently. Thus, it is important that one fully understands the matter and what options they have, regardless if they have one child or five, are a celebrity or not.

Children testifying

The divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is one that has been talked about since the tabloids began speculating their divorce. Today, the matter is still highly discussed, as the child custody matter still remains at issue in their divorce. Recently, the judge presiding over their matter decided to not allow their children to testify.

Jolie has attempted to disqualify the judge from the matter; however, he recently declined to hear evidence she believes is relevant and pertinent to the children’s safety and well-being, especially before making a tentative ruling on the issue. It is unknown at this time what evidence this might be.

Best interests of the child

Child custody is based on the best interests of the child. Thus, Jolie seeks to have testimony from her minor teenage son, as it provides his input and experiences. Based on reports, the divorce was filed for after Jolie asserted that Pitt was abusive towards their then 15-year-old son during a flight. Investigations did not lead to charges; however, Jolie believes that this information and other evidence is relevant to the matter.

While one can feel unrelatable to a celebrity, the reality is that when it comes to divorce and family law issues, they too have to work through the same motions through the process. Thus, one can learn from the publicized divorce proceedings of celebrities and public figures, as it can help one fully understand the options one might have when navigating a custody battle or any other family law issue that may come up during dissolution.