Being an entrepreneur can be incredibly rewarding. However, it can also come with its challenges. For married business owners, this can include challenges related to maintaining a strong and healthy relationship. There are certain things about the entrepreneurial life that could put stress on a marriage.

It can be very important for married startup owners to be aware of these pressure points so they can take steps to address them and keep them from weakening their marriage. Some of the things about running a startup that could lead to challenges within a marriage are:

  • Time demands: Running a business takes a lot of time, which could lead to less time to put towards the marriage.
  • The separate world problem: Given the amount of time an entrepreneur can be spending at his or her business, there can be the potential for a business owner and his or her spouse to regularly be living in very different worlds from one another. This can add challenges when it comes to maintaining strong connections with one’s spouse.
  • The stress of the process: Running a startup can be very stressful at times. It can be important for entrepreneurs to take care that such stress doesn’t bleed into their marriage and create stress within it.
  • Financial uncertainty: Sometimes, startups run into problems and put financial stress on entrepreneurs and their spouses. Financial stress can create added tension within a marriage.

Among the steps entrepreneurs may find helpful in their efforts to protect their marriage from the pressures that can come from the realities of running a business are:

  • Focusing on open and honest communication
  • Constantly being on the lookout for ways to maintain strong connections with one’s spouse
  • Setting clear expectations and goals with one’s spouse in relation to the startup

There are also special challenges an entrepreneur can face in the event of divorce. This can include challenges in protecting the interests of his or her business throughout the divorce process, including in property division proceedings. Skilled divorce lawyers can assist divorcing business owners with navigating such challenges.